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Data Architecture Singapore

Exclusive Content

Canadian Data Leaders Eye New Opportunities with Generative AI

Dean McKeown, Interim Director and Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University shares his analysis of the key issues ...

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April 2024  |   4 minute read
Data, Analytics, and AI Trends at CDAO Germany 2024

In advance of our upcoming CDAO Germany conference on April 17th and 18th in Munich we asked our industry-leading speakers the trends that are shaping the industry Chief Data and ...

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March 2024  |   3 minute read
Jennifer Deprez: Transforming Data into Business Gold

Air New Zealand’s Senior Data Governance Specialist, Jennifer Deprez, spoke to Corinium APAC Conference Director Maddie Abe about innovation in data architecture and its ...

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March 2024  |   4 minute read
IT Observability Insights, ASEAN, 2024

While the progression to the hyperscale cloud and multi-cloud model has simplified many aspects of running computing environments, it has introduced its own unique set of ...

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May 2024  |   1 minute read
State of Data and Analytics, Australia and New Zealand, 2023

Demand for data and analytics expertise is soaring in Australia and New Zealand, but can executives in the region rise to meet that demand? Data and Analytics is capable of ...

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October 2023  |   1 minute read
Delivering Trusted Data in the Public Sector, APAC

The success of digital services depends on trust Data is key to the future of digital online services. And handling data appropriately and securely is key to building stakeholder ...

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January 2023  |   1 minute read